Kayak Fishing Spots Around Combe Martin, North Devon.

Whether you want to go sea fishing from the rocks off Combe Martin, North Devon or get out on a fishing kayak around the rocky coastline and catch that specimen fish. We hope this guide from Surfside kayak hire will help you to achieve this. Thanks to CMSAC for some of the information contained within this article. Here at Surfside kayak hire we have been kayak fishing for many years and if we have learnt one thing it is firstly always check the weather forecast and tides and be prepared that if the weather turns nasty then you are well prepaired and equipped to deal with it always carry some form of communication and foul weather clothing. Here are a few sea fishing locations around Combe Martin Bay. Here at Surfside we have angling kayaks ready to hire along with rods and reels.

Wild Pear

Although this may be difficult to reach on foot as the last 15 metres of the path down to the beach has been washed away by the sea and you have to use a rope to reach the bottom it is still worth the effort. Wild Pear beach has had some big bass caught including a reported fish of over 11lb. Most of the bass off the beach are caught on mackerel baits available from us at Surfside. The first two hours of the tide being usually the most prductive.We have spotted fish no more than 4 metres from the beach.These fish can be tempted by Plug or lures.

The beach at Wild Pear changes every few years. There are usually large sandy strips running down into the sea but sometimes these disappear completely especially after the winter storms and spring tides. Sitting just off the beach alongside the adjacent rocks, fishing off the Kayaks often produces a fish. Soft lures also work well, such as the Black Minnows and Sandeels.


This headland located between Camels Eye and Wild Pear and can only be reached by kayak or small boat unless you are prepared to climb over the rocks of Camels eye, which is not advised.

This area has produced some great fish in the past including Grey mullet and big wrasse, bass and some decent conger have also been caught. This is a weedy and rocky spot that is not often fished due to the easy loss of your tackle. Shallow running lure fishing results in less tackle loss and some good fish being caught.

Camels Eye and the Path

The front of Camels Eye rock is a good Low Water spot for a couple of hours either side of low tide. Good catches of wrasse have been caught in this area. Mullet are also worth targeting using lighter coarse tackle.

Conger eels can be caught in this area all through the year, in all weather including sunshine. Heavy fishing tackle is required though to remove the fish from the thick bed of kelp and rocks that makes this spot unpopular but spinning from here on high water has produced some good Pollock and Bass.

Combe Martin Beach

Although often ignored the main beach can still produce some good sport. Float-fishing from the path on the right of the beach near the old steps, or ledger from the roadside railings opposite the Dolphin Pub. I have seen good Bass caught from the road side of the bay using a ledgered strip of mackerel bait.

Below the car park on Seaside hill, the high sea wall is an easy place to fish from on high water, although landing a fish can be difficult a drop net is needed but some good fish have been caught from this mark, including Pollack, Wrasse ,Bass and we even witnessed a Cod being landed a couple of years ago.

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